A paper zine for people who hate people.

So, you want to get in touch with me. That's good, but how best to get my attention? Well, I like getting nude photos, so that's a good idea, or perhaps you would like to send me a map to some buried treasure. Otherwise, correspondence of any kind is tolerated with humility. I usually don't like to deal with prisoners, but the truth is that if you send me money, you will get a zine. If you send me a link to a blog that you do in lieu of a trade, I will ignore you in lieu of a response.

I like to trade zines, but if you send me something that is just godawful, be glad that I don't bother to respond because I won't have anything nice to say. If you have a good trade, you'll become a friend and I'll become a booster for you and your zine. Can't hurt to try, right?