A paper zine for people who hate people.

It's been a while but Negative Capability is still alive and well, thanks for checking in. I have some big news and that is that I've moved out of New York City. There are a lot of reasons behind the move but mostly it's because I now have three kids and living in the city was unsustainable. So now I'm in Westport, Connecticut and I got a new PO Box if you want to send me zines or snail mail. Also, I decided to change my web site again just to make it easier to read on portable devices. I think that’s just how people read stuff now so let me make it easy for you. Also, I am now offering a very special Millennial pack which is a downloadable super pack of digital goodies from Negative Capability for just $3!!

Negative Capability has been sporadically published since 1998 and it is a "perzine" or "personal zine," meaning that all of the content, pictures and design are the work of one person, me. It also is used to refer to the fact that the stories, essays, fiction, photography and ideas are from me and about me. You might think that sounds like a blog, but the main differences are that this is a printed medium adapted to the web, not the other way around, and this doesn't suck, like most blogs do. So, don't think of this as a funny web site, think of this as the web complement to a funny printed zine. I know print is dying, but print design is one thing that I am pretty good at, so I'm going to stick with it. Besides, almost every web site I've ever loved has eventually come down but if you buy a paper zine, you can keep as long as you like.

I would like to apologize in advance for any missing images or broken links. It’s been hard for me to migrate the site from one version to the next and I may just change the whole thing again if I can find the time. It’s not like this work pays so I do it when I have the time. I am also happy to announce that the web site is also ad-free, not because I’m righteous but because people keep flagging my content as pornographic and Google keeps telling me to take shit down. No, thank you for asking. The other option is removing all the ads, and here we are.

Please check out the store section because I do this site to give you free samples to whet your appetite for the real thing. All prices are to addresses in the US only and include shipping. You can purchase a package of PDFs of the new issue in full color for just $1, if you prefer to consume media on a computer or tablet. Additionally, if you purchase the new issue on paper, you get 50% off all back issues, but act now because when I get down to the last 50 of each, they are going up in price. With scarcity comes demand, they say.

If you've never been here before, you should probably start with the Manifesto from #1. If you are an old fan, you should probably go right to a hidden page which is a gallery of lovely tit shows.

The pulldown below will allow you buy the new issue, so go ahead and use PayPal to get your copy now. It's also available as a collection of 4 PDFs, hi-res and low-res, plus single pages and spreads.

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Since you came to my site, I am sure you want to see all the useless nonsense that I post on Twitter, right? Well, feast your eyes, Jimmy! If you want to get in touch, please see the Contact area.